Whiskey Jean & The Chasers

We Are 1950s style 6 Piece Dance/Jive  band, with Both Female & Male Powerful and Strong lead Vocals!! In the Band we have Keys, Lead Guitar, Drums, Double Bass & Rhythm Guitar.

Having both male and female lead vocals gives us a bit of a twist compared to most Rocking bands today, and this enables us to be truly unique and  diverse with our choice of songs. 

UK Rock 'n' Roll Magazine Quoted that Matts version of "Treat Me Nice" was the meanest version since Presley!!

Whiskey Jean had also many times been likened to Little Miss Dynamite (Brenda lee) -

Whiskey Jean is such A petite person with such a big voice!!

  We Play a wide a mix of jivers and strollers with the odd bopper thrown in from many artists of the fifties era, aswel as performing songs from 1950s revival artists and even some of our Very Own Original Songs written by our very own Whiskey Jean!!