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Band Line Up

We are a 6 Piece Band with the following members

Whiskey Jean - Vocals & Rythym Guitar 

Matt "Fats" Collins - (Mr Harmonisation) Lead Vocals 

Mark Widdowson (Twinkles) - Piano 

Chris "Cha Cha Cha" Henson - Drums 

Danny Gill (Buddy Holly) - Double Bass & Vocals

Dennis Smith - Lead Guitar 

About The Band

We are a 1950s style Band performing many Classic 50s jivers & strollers with the odd Bopper for good measure. We also perform our very own 50s Style Rockin Original Tracks too which you can can hear on most media platforms!! With a great combination of lead female and male vocals the band offers great diversity to suit most crowds, ftrom die hard 50s fans to General public greatest hits. All Events, Weekenders or Festivals! 

Formed in 2019, all members have lots of gigging experience perfoming live shows up & down the country at many different kinds of event or venues. from Private functions to Rock n Roll Clubs, Pubs, Cafes to big corperate events & Festivals, No Gig too big or too small! All Gigs Considered 

We are a 6 Piece band consisting of Keys, drums, Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitarists and dual fronted by Sharon (Whiskey Jean) & Matt.

The Band Name.....

So why Whiskey Jean? Sharon aka Whiskey Jean had a very close friend who she considered Family called Jean who sadly passed away. with no children of her own she treated sharon as if she was her own, developing a very strong bond between them made to last! So in her memory we have called the band Whiskey Jean to keep this amazing womans legacy going for many more years to come! Loved very much and never to be forgotten!!