Please Find Below a List of all the reviews that The Band have recieved From Venues, Clients, Guests & Magazines!!

 Vintage Rock Magazine - Whiskey Jean & The Chasers are a Must see Band!!

Uk Rock n Roll Magazine (Mick Stott report quotes, from page 27 & 28 of issue 191 March 2020) - Whiskey jean "has a voice that could command a battalion" Matt (2nd lead singer) sang "The Meanest 'Treat Me Nice' Since Presley!"

Patrick O'Connor (Blue suede news magazine) - Just One of those nights that are unforgettable, could relive it forever!

Denise Jane - Brilliant Band, She is Brilliant Such a tiny thing can sing so big!!

Veronica - Fabulous Band!

Mick Chick - Great Band! Loved having you play our Rocky Roade RnR Club. Look forward to your return.

Alison - Really enjoyed you. A refreshing change on the rock n roll scene. Look forward to seeing you again. X

Denise Wood - Brilliant New RnR Band.